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Article 122a Disclosure Compliance and 

                                                    ECB ABS Loan-level Data Handling Infrastructure Solution

For issuers of structured finance securities, TYI will consult on a low cost solution that guarantees both issuer and investors will be able to comply with all disclosure and 'know what you own requirements' of Article 122a.  This is the necessary low cost data handling infrastructure solution for processing, verification and transmission of ABS loan-level data in compliance with the ECB ABS Loan-Level Initiative.

Why choose TYI?  

As demonstrated by its patented information technology, TYI is an expert in designing ABS data handling infrastructures.  As required by the ECB, TYI is an independent party external to the Eurosystem with no conflicts of interest.  

Why choose the TYI solution?

The solution is designed to ensure that the loan-level data is made available to all market participants at the lowest cost to issuers and investors.  The solution establishes the processes and systems necessary for submitting the loan-level data electronically. The data is checked for compliance with the specific requirements, as well as for accuracy, consistency and timeliness.



A frequent outcome of financial innovation is that information gaps appear.  Good data in the form of more timely, accurate information resides with one party and is unavailable to other market participants.  This information asymmetry causes two major problems. 

  • First, as described by Joseph Stiglitz in his Nobel Prize winning work, this information asymmetry leads to both financial markets malfunctioning by freezing up and a loss of trust.  For example, the lack of good data interferes with the ability of investors to do their homework on structured finance securities.  Without good data, it is impossible for investors to know what they own.  Without good data, no matter how sophisticated their analytic and pricing tools are, investors can't accurately value the securities.  This valuation is the starting point for making portfolio management decisions because this valuation is compared with the prices shown by Wall Street to make buy, hold and sell decisions.  When it became apparent in 2007 how much of an informational advantage Wall Street had, investors stopped buying and selling structured finance securities.  The low cost way to unfreeze this market and restore trust is to provide investors with good data.
  • Second, without good data, regulators are effectively stymied in their efforts to monitor and mitigate developing systemic risks.  The basic builiding block of systemic risk regulation is the individual position.  The total risk of a portfolio, a financial institution or a market is the sum of the individual positions.  Without good data, it is impossible for regulators to implement best risk management practices and monitor every position every day to identify developing risks within financial institutions or markets.  Without good data, regulators have to deal with issues like Too Big To Fail because regulators don't have the information necessary to understand the degree of risk and the impact of failure.

For over a decade, TYI has been a leader in developing low cost solutions to fill these information gaps so that good data is made available to all market participants.  TYI's earliest work has been patented.


The Brown Paper Bag Challenge

TYI developed the Brown Paper Bag Challenge to highlight the information gap that exists with existing disclosure practices for structured finance securities.  The Challenge also shows how this information gap explains both why the structured finance market froze at the start of the credit crisis and why it has been so difficult to unfreeze since then.


          Comments:    SEC Proposed Revisions to Structured Finance Disclosure Requirements II

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                               ECB Provision of ABS Loan-Level Information in the Eurosystem Collateral Framework


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