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Background speeches, articles, interviews and papers on and about TYI:

          Know What You Own:  Letter to the Editor

          Financial Times article:  SEC Charges Reveal More on Structured Finance Practices        
          Bloomberg Column by David Reilly:  Shadow-Banking System Next Up for De-Stressing

          CNBC Closing Bell:  Balance Sheet Burdens

          Wall Street Journal article:  Math Wizards Working on Spells to 'Cure' 

          ABS East 2008 Speech:  Paper or Plastic?  The Case for Real Time Collateral Level Transparency

          Chicago Tribune article:  Market Stability Depends on More Truth-Telling

          Fortune article with TYI's transparency solution in "Now What" section:  Chaos on Wall Street

          Total Securitization Learning Curve Column:  Implementing Transparency

          Speeches:  Regulators on the Need for Transparency

          CDO Conference:  Panel on Trading and Secondary Market Issues

          Boston Magazine article:  The Man Who Would Save the Economy

          Boston Globe article on why TYI's solution is necessary:  The Black Box Economy

          Bloomberg article: Subprime Credit Market Seizure Solution Seen in Hospital Bills

          Reuter's article:  More Pain Expected Before Credit Market Recovery

          TYI White Paper 

          TYI  White Paper II

          Compliance with the Amended European Capital Requirements Directive

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